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Jose Azcarate

Jose Azcarate 
Creator of the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

Trade Entry and Exit are the two most critical decisions a trader makes.  


Trading Performance with
The blackFLAG©
Futures Trading Alerts.

Trade Opportunities always come day in day out.  So Wait it out and allow price to come to your entry.

There is a lot of guessing where to enter /exit a trade. Many times entering right when the market decides to go in the opposite direction.

Long - Gold Dec 13 blackFLAG Alert

Down Trending Channel Reaching Support To Then Bounce

Gold Futures GC Long Entry 30 Min 2 - Ratio of Long to Short Chart2017-12-13_15-45-19

Channel Break Up and Extended Up Trend Development

Gold Long Dec 13 52 - 3 -Long Alerts 3 Short Trade Results - 2018-01-06_6-58-13
Gold Trade Results trade performance 2018-01-10_9-22-41

2018 Started with a Simulated Account Balance of $106,616.00

 All trades were 2 Contracts using $150 Stops and Then Managed to Break Even Plus

blackFLAG Testing Alert System
blackFLAG Testing Alert System
blackFLAG Testing
blackFLAG Testing
blackFLAG Testing
blackFLAG Testing
Dow Jones Futures YM 10 Min Chart 2018-02-05_21-56-45
blackFLAG shorting DOW during major drop - 2018-02-05_16-20-09

What are blackFLAG's Futures Trading System Goals?

Dramatically Reduce Risk of Entry

 Maximize Returns by Properly Scaling In

 Provide Clear Guidance for Entry

 Guide Placement of Initial Stops

 Provide Location for Trailing Stops  

 Provide Guidance When to Take Profits 

 Alert When To Close the Trade

 Dramatically Reduce Stress & Increase Profitability

blackFLAG© Trade Alerts

In the fall of 2019, a subscription service to our alerts will be made available to qualified investors.

Only a select few will have the opportunity to use our alerts to assist in their trading.


The Maximum Stop Loss $500 and then adjusted to $150 / Contract When Using the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

Initial Entry and Trend Continuation Alerts


Trading Education

Trading can be a greatly rewarding endeavor.  It can also be a nightmare.  There is so much to learn in order to become a successful trader.  The fact is that most traders will lose tens of thousands of dollars learning to trade while developing their own trading style.

How much are you willing to lose while you learn to trade?

How much are you willing to invest in your education?

Do you have a clear trading plan?  how often does it get updated?  are you journaling your trades and details?

When do you plan to start?

Channel Trading Mentorship

Burak Kaplan, PhD from provides Channel Trading mentorship program.  Feel free to reach out to him about it.  He can be reached via Twitter handle:


What it takes to Learn and Stay Profitable

In order to have a consistently profitable trading process, there are several requirements:



The ability to stay focused and alert for great periods of time (hours and hours)

No distractions during trading hours

Long term commitment to education and ongoing study.

It does not matter how much I learn.  Everyday, the market will teach you a new lesson.

Stay Humble!

Be grateful to those that help you in your journey to success

Trading Practice

There is no substitute for experience.  As my mentor taught me,


Trial and Error

As an individual trader, most of us will have to test, fail, test, fail for months and even years.  This process is costly not only in time and effort, there is an opportunity cost, trading losses, stress, etc.

For most successful traders, it takes 2 to 3 years to come up with a system that works for them.  

Do you have what it takes to be a successful trader?

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