About Us

Jose Azcarate

Born in Colombia, South America.  Fortunate to come to the USA as an exchange student back in 1979 where I lived with a wonderful family in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  After graduating my senior year, I went back to Colombia.  At the time, the security in my country was deteriorating rapidly and my father offers my brother and me the opportunity to come back to the states to go to school.  So we did.  During my college years, I met my wife and within a couple of years, we were married.

Moved to Miami and worked in international sales for several years traveling Latin America, Central America, and parts of Europe promoting American companies.   After my third child was born, I decided I did not want to travel so much and  started buying and selling real estate.  During this time I invested time to learn about options and trade them successfully for about two and half years.  My knowledge was extremely limited.  All I knew was how to recognize the entry and hold it until expiration.  I worked great until it didn’t.

After a couple of years, I learned about trading futures and using channels to identify trading opportunities.  Hired a few coaches along the way and lost a ton with all of them.  I did get to see how things could go very well and also go horribly wrong.  I saw enough to realize the value of investing more and more time and yes more money to figure out a process that worked for me.

Along the way, I met some great people including Tom Sosnoff (originally with ThinkOrSwim) and now Tasty Trade / Tasty Works.  I was referred to Marty Schwartz materials, author of The Pit Bull’s Guide to Successful Trading, and learned a lot from their wisdom, ideas, guidance, and encouragement along the way.

Documenting the process

Learning to trade using technical analysis requires a clear process and plan of action.  From the beginning, I documented what I was learning.  This process never ends, the market will teach a new lesson practically everyday.  The manuals for operation are in a constant update process.

I have recorded every step of the way in my trading plan. Yes, I have a printed and bound book with all the details. A serious trader will be known upon review of their plan. 

It is critical to document the process, the considerations to take when making a trading decision, the steps to follow with complete detail.  

Below are just few examples of some of the pages dating back to 2017.

Over 250 pages of my trading book, which gets updated regularly as the market teaches me one more lesson.