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About me

Jose Azcarate

As a novice trader, I encountered the same sentiments that many traders experience as they become acquainted with trading and strive to be successful. My education from this process led me to create an indicator that considerably improved my chances of success by allowing me to trade in accordance with the trend and by providing me with a probabilitybased support system.


"As a novice trader, I experienced the same emotions that many traders face when starting out. These emotions helped guide the development and objectives of the system."

1. Fear is a common emotion among retail traders. Swingarm‘s highpressure system probability analysis can be used to help traders identify and evaluate trading opportunities and risks, allowing them to make informed decisions and minimizing the fear of making a wrong choice.

2. Greed:

Swingarm‘s highpressure system probability analysis can help retail traders manage their riskreward ratio and set realistic trading goals in order to reduce the temptation of taking on too much risk in pursuit of greater profits. This can help to mitigate the emotion of greed that is often experienced in this type of trading.

3. Anxiety:

Retail traders often experience anxiety when trading. Swingarm‘s highpressure system probability analysis can help to alleviate this by providing traders with the ability to identify and analyze trade setups, potential profits, and potential losses, thus eliminating uncertainty and reducing anxiety.

SwingArm Pressure System is a popular technical analysis tool developed by Blackflag Futures Trading. It uses price movement and momentum to identify potential entry and exit points in a given period. Traders can customize the indicator to their needs and use it in combination with other technical analysis tools to create their own trading strategies.

4. Loss Aversion:

By understanding the probability of winning and losing trades, traders can make informed decisions and reduce their aversion to taking losses.

Using swingarm high-pressure trading alerts based on high probabilities of success can help improve a retail trader’s profitability by allowing them to enter into trades with a higher probability of success. These alerts provide traders with an indication of potential opportunities in the markets and can help them identify potential entries, exits, and stops. By using these alerts, traders can maximize their profits by entering into trades with a higher likelihood of success and minimizing their losses by exiting trades with a lower risk of loss. Additionally, these alerts can help traders stay on top of market movements and take advantage of market movements in a timely manner.

The Swingarm High-Pressure System indicator is a powerful tool designed to help traders make informed decisions when trading forex, stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

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