Charts that Highlight the Larger Trends at Play 5/17/2023

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Good morning from the office! I’ve just returned from a two-week journey in Colombia, and during that period, I observed that the price has remained stable within its range. This is a perfect demonstration of the essential patience every trader needs. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that the market will either surge or plummet at any moment, leaving us in the dust. However, the reality is, the consolidation process is detailed work that requires time, particularly when guided by higher timeframes.

I’ve recently uploaded a series of charts that highlight the larger trends at play. Both ES and NQ are demonstrating bullish behavior against the resistance for ES (2 DAY Zone 4), which explains why it has paused and could either ascend or descend over the next few days. The charts depict an increasingly compressed triangle, a sign of mounting pressure over time.

I’ll be setting aside some time each week to field any questions you might have. While this isn’t a platform for individual coaching, my aim is to direct you toward intriguing trading areas where pressure zones (Yellow or Blue Pressure Zones) can yield opportunities.

As a reminder, our group is composed entirely of full-time working members, which naturally keeps the chatter on the lower side. If you have any questions, please post them in the questions channel ahead of any scheduled Zoom meeting. There’s a meeting slated for 8:30 PM tonight, and I’d appreciate it if you could confirm your attendance in advance. If there’s no confirmation, I’ll have to reschedule the session for another day.

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Areas of Interest.

Perfect buy bucket entry.

See the below Charts


If profits are taken now, for example:

Be aware that Probabilities take a while to catch up. The swingarm buckets take priority.

The SwingArm bucket provides a representation of the SlingShot setup.

Likely target? 4-Hour Zone 4.

The most crucial aspect to understand in SwingArm trading is “What’s driving the price movement?” Why is the price on an upward trend? Can anyone explain this? (Please base your answers solely on the SwingArm Trading System, and don’t refer to any other sources.)

Should you still be grappling with the fundamental principle of SwingArm trading – “Why is the price on an upward trend?” – don’t be discouraged. It’s important to master this concept before progressing further. Consider pausing your trading activities and dedicating more time to learning and understanding the system. Remember, everyone has their own pace of learning, and it’s okay to take your time. Success in trading, like any profession, comes with practice and patience.

Whoever provides the correct answer to the above question will be rewarded with a one-on-one coaching session lasting one hour, where we will delve deeper into the SwingArm Trading System. This is a great opportunity to sharpen your understanding and skills, so don’t miss out!

Today’s Bucket Entry turns off all other info.

By the way, this is not the answer to the question. Just an illustration of price action.

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