Elevate Your Trading Game with SwingArm Trading Club 5/19/23


Trade Plan:

  • 15 Minutes Sells Bucket Potential – Closed For Scratch
  • 15 Minutes Buy Bucket Potential – Did not trade it (Out to lunch) – Played out nicely to 25 Points of Profit (potential and maybe more as buyers are in control
  • 1 Min – Zone 4 28/6 and 100% Zone 4 of the 4 Hour – Traded it Short and broke up. Closed at breakeven. So far a neutral day.
I am looking to develop relationships with High Schools and Universities all over. If you can contact your schools on my behalf that would be awesome.

SwingArm Trading Club

I am currently spearheading an initiative called the SwingArm Trading Club, which aims to introduce high school and university students worldwide to the financial markets’ vast opportunities. Our forthcoming website, SwingArmTradingEdu.Com, will serve as the primary platform for this educational journey.

As you may be aware, the SwingArm Trading System is a unique and effective approach to trading, designed with the goal of opening up the financial world to young minds. Our mission is to educate students about market trading and the financial independence it can offer, providing them with invaluable life skills.

The SwingArm Trading System has a proven track record, with numerous successful users who can attest to its effectiveness. We aim to provide students with an in-depth understanding of this system, using real-world examples to highlight the benefits and potential successes it can bring.

Joining the SwingArm Trading Club offers students the chance to delve deeper into financial trading, learning to navigate the markets and make informed trading decisions. We believe that such practical, hands-on experience can enrich their understanding of the financial world, providing them with insights beyond what traditional curriculum-based education offers.

The club operates on a virtual platform, offering mentorship and fostering an environment conducive to collaborative learning. We emphasize the principles of patience, strategic planning, and informed decision-making – all vital for successful trading. Importantly, while the students are in school, we provide access to the SwingArm Trading Club free of charge, requiring only verification of their student status.

The integration of practical financial literacy into the curriculum can have lasting benefits for students, equipping them with skills that will serve them well beyond their school years. We encourage schools and universities to share this opportunity with their students, and we are eager to help facilitate this process. Our website will be designed to be user-friendly and engaging, appealing to our target audience of high school and university students. It will feature a straightforward registration process, educational articles, FAQs, and other learning resources.

Additionally, it will provide an avenue for students, educators, and parents to reach out to us for additional information, queries, or feedback. In essence, we believe that this venture has immense potential to make a difference in the lives of many young people. We would be thrilled to discuss further how we could potentially collaborate to maximize the reach and impact of the SwingArm Trading Club. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this proposal and to the potential of working together to make a difference in students’ financial literacy worldwide.

Best regards, Jose Azcarate

www.blackflagfuturestrading.com, www.SwingarmTradingEDU.Com (Under Development)


Just a quick update regarding our Swingarm Trading System and how to gauge who is in control of the market. Currently, judging by the most recent swingarm pattern One Minute (28/6), it appears that buyers are persistently pushing the market higher. After hitting the 4-hour target, we are now observing intersecting trendlines above, indicating our interim targets. The first one lies at the 4200 mark, with the next target situated at the 2D 100% level of 4220.

Further up the line, we see the 3-Day level at 4285. (Magnets) Understanding these targets and observing how the market responds as it reaches them can provide critical insights into potential shifts in market control. The change of control will be displayed live by the swingarm lower timeframes. No need to guess. As always, it’s crucial to stay informed and adapt your trading strategy according to these evolving market conditions. 4220 Interim Target.

swingarm trading club

What was a questionable setup? The 15 Min Zone 4 is in such close proximity to the 4hour zone extreme.

Lunch hours – out. No big deal. Would have been nice I admit. Then the short and out. All within the proper analysis of the zones.



Thursday buy a bucket




Let’s delve into the past week’s price action and discuss how our unique SwingArm Trading System has been maneuvering through the market. We’ve seen some notable movements in the markets over the past seven days. With the turbulence in the market, the price actions have been fascinating to monitor. It’s clear that understanding these changes and their potential impact is crucial to our trading approach. Now, onto our specialty – the SwingArm Trading System.

This proprietary methodology remains at the heart of our trading strategy. With its emphasis on capturing gains from the swings in asset prices, it has allowed us to intelligently navigate through the ups and downs of the market. As always, the beauty of SwingArm is its adaptability, as it keeps us prepared for unpredictable shifts in the market. In the coming week, let’s remain vigilant and tuned into the market indicators that our SwingArm Trading System is built to leverage. Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination, and we’re on this trading adventure together.

Over the past months, we’ve witnessed how the 2 Month SwingArm Extreme Level has effectively fueled our market journey, driving the price to its current position. The potential energy stored within it suggests further upward momentum, hinting towards a possible target of 4500. This target aligns with the next significant counter SwingArm to the 2 Month, the weekly SwingArm. As we continue to monitor these fluctuations, remember that our SwingArm Trading System is designed to harness these energies, working to forecast and leverage potential market shifts


We’ve observed a gradual yet steady ascent of ES500, a journey that’s set to continue methodically due to the abundance of resistance lying ahead. Our recent consolidation phase stretched over a few weeks, demonstrating this week how crucial patience can be for those who can appreciate and utilize the SwingArm Trading System and its distinctive display of market energy. Our 15-minute SwingArm has been an impressive tool, offering extremely precise entry points that have resulted in substantial gains.

It’s absolutely essential for everyone to comprehend the behavior of price action on higher timeframes to maximize the potential profits when trading ES futures. If you limit your view to a 1-minute chart, you’re likely to overlook the vast wealth opportunities that are within reach for every member of our group. By broadening your perspective and understanding the broader market trends, you can better utilize the SwingArm Trading System to your advantage. Stay sharp, stay patient, and let’s ride the wave of the market together.

4220 / 4230 Interim Targets


Some Basic SwingArm Trading System Terms

“All must be familiar with” KEY TERMS TO UNDERSTAND IN THE SWINGARM INDICATOR STUDY TREND SHIFT This is just a simple way to show when a trend changes direction, either upwards or downwards.


Think of these as “zones” that the SwingArm system shows us. These zones suggest good spots to test your buy or sell strategy when a trend changes direction.


The SwingArm system uses colors to highlight zones where buying or selling may be a good idea. Three shades of green suggest good buy zones, and three shades of red suggest good sell zones.


This term refers to how the price movement is driven by the power of buyers or sellers. Outside events, like news, can affect this. The SwingArm measures this effect (or impulse) and shows the value zones after a trend change.


This happens when prices keep moving in the same direction, letting multiple SwingArms fit inside each other. For instance, a 10-minute SwingArm could fit inside a 1-hour SwingArm if both are bullish.


SwingArms work together when prices move in a trend. When prices are not trending, SwingArms pair up. The most recent big timeframe to change direction is one part of the pair, and the next timeframe in order is the other part.


Externals are the two biggest timeframes where the price is moving within. Any lower timeframes inside these are called internal SwingArms. Price moves from a SwingArm squeeze when two or more SwingArms push in different directions. When the price moves from the edges of the externals, the internal swingarms break on the way to backtest the large timeframe pair. An example of this is when the price moves to the 4th Zone of the 8-hour timeframe, then turns to visit the Zones of the daily chart and any lower timeframe in the range is an internal swingarm likely to break as backtesting occurs.

Use of SwingArm Trading System

The SwingArm Trading System is a tool used by traders to help understand and visualize areas of interest for price movements in the market. At its core, it’s all about identifying trends in buying and selling pressure – or in other words, supply and demand. The idea is that supply and demand in the market create energy that can push the price of a stock, currency, or other investment up or down. By watching for changes in this energy, traders can get clues about where the price might be heading next. When you see more buying pressure (demand) than selling pressure (supply), prices usually rise, and when there’s more selling pressure than buying, prices usually fall.

The SwingArm system helps to show these shifts in supply and demand visually, making it easier to see the trend. Traders can benefit from using the SwingArm system in several ways. First, it can help them identify potential buy and sell zones based on shifts in the trend. Second, it can offer a sense of what might be happening in the wider market, including how news events and other external factors might be affecting supply and demand. Another significant advantage of the SwingArm system is that it can help traders manage their emotions.

Trading can be a stressful activity, with lots of ups and downs.

The SwingArm system gives traders a structured way to approach their decision-making, which can help keep emotions like fear and greed in check. Lastly, the SwingArm system provides insights into nested SwingArms and SwingArm pairs. In essence, these are patterns that show how trends are behaving across different timeframes. By understanding these patterns, traders can make more informed decisions about when to enter or exit a trade. Remember, the SwingArm system is a tool, and like all tools, it’s most effective when used correctly. Traders should always consider their individual risk tolerance and investment goals before making any trading decisions.

The SwingArm Trading System serves as an essential guide in the financial market by constantly outlining areas of interest where prices tend to find support and then eventually bounce back towards resistance. Think of this process as a zig-zag motion similar to a billiard ball on a pool table. These areas of support are shown in green, while resistance areas are displayed in red. Over time, as the price fluctuates, it continues to draw these zones, opening up a wealth of trading opportunities. Whether you’re a day trader, a swing trader, or a position trader, this system can adapt to your needs.

All you need to do is choose a timeframe you prefer to trade in and let the price come to you. For instance, if the price breaks up a 15-minute SwingArm, you can then wait for the price to backtest the green zones, also known as the ‘buy bucket’. This action creates a ‘slingshot effect’ due to the price movement. These kinds of setups offer the best trading opportunities – low-risk entries with substantial potential rewards.

Newly formed SwingArm zones generate the necessary energy for the price to move forcefully, allowing you to prepare your entries ahead of the backtest. With stops positioned below the entry and their size kept minimal, the system effectively manages risk. It gives you the freedom to step back and let the setup unfold naturally, further reducing the potential stress often associated with trading. In this way, the SwingArm Trading System empowers traders with a strategic and mindful approach to navigating the financial markets.

This week, we’ve learned the true value of monitoring the 15-minute buy buckets within the US Session Hours. It’s fascinating to witness how the SwingArm Trading System continues to provide us with incredible insight into the market’s behavior. Our main takeaway from this week revolves around the remarkable performance of these 15-minute buy buckets. They have consistently demonstrated their value, showing us exactly where the price could potentially bounce back.

When these buckets were freshly created within the US Session Hours, they offered an exceptional Risk/Reward ratio of 1 to 12, and notably, this occurred twice this week. In essence, for every unit of risk we took, we had the opportunity to gain twelve times that amount. This illustrates the power of the SwingArm Trading System in helping us identify low-risk, high-reward trading opportunities.

Let’s carry this lesson into next week, staying vigilant and ready to capitalize on these exceptional trading opportunities provided by our system. Stay patient, stay focused, and let’s navigate the market together.

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