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Trading Alerts For Futures Markets

Thank you for your interest in The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

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What am I trying to do?

I am developing the best futures and ETF's trading alert system on the market.  (that is the plan....)

What are the goals of such a system?  what makes it so great?

  1. Dramatically Reduce Risk of Entry
  2. Maximize Returns by Properly Scaling In
  3. Provide Clear Guidance for Entry
  4. Guide Placement of Initial Stops
  5. Provide Location for Trailing Stops
  6. Provide Guidance When To Take Profits
  7. Alert When To Close The Trade
  8. Dramatically Reduce Stress

Can you provide details on trading performance?

blackFLAG FTS has been under development for the past couple of years.  Research, programming, implementation, testing, calibration, testing again, re calibration and now testing again.  This is a slow moving process and lots of time and patience is required.

Since May 14, 2018, paper testing results are posted to the blog page daily when the US Market is open.  A couple of screen shots of the trade detail is included at the bottom of each daily posting including all the charts used to make trade entry decisions.

To view up to date algo calibration performance data, click here. 

I understand that at the moment there isn't a subscription available.  What can your service do to help me improve my trading?

The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System is not available to anyone at the moment.  The system will be in testing for the next two years.    Learning to read charts and price action is probably the most important component of technical trading (after money management).  Invest the time and effort required to learn whatever charting style you like.  Practice, practice, practice, this is a long term commitment which will provide you the basis to a long trading career.

Do you have customer service?

No.  At the moment, the system was developed and it is managed by Jose Azcarate.  If you need to reach out to me with, follow me on Twitter.  Then, we can direct message if needed.