Friday June 1, 2018 blackFLAG© Futures Trading System update

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Trading Performance Results - PAPER TRADES FOR TESTING PURPOSES!

Trading Alerts For Futures Markets

Jose Azcarate Creator of the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

Trading Performance Results (Paper Testing Alerts)

The system works beautifully. The operator needs improvement!

10:57 AM
Gross Profits $1,200

Algo Optimized April 27, 2018 Version 2.0

Basic Assumptions:

Account Size: $100,000 USD
Maximum Risk at Trade Entry: $2,000 (2.00%)
Maximum Risk 2 Min After Entry $600 (0.60%)
Adjust To Break Even ASAP
Average Size: 4 Contracts when using blackFLAG FTS.
Without blackFLAG FTS: 1 Contract / $125,000 of Capital
Maximum Loss Limit / Day $500 (0.50%)
No New Trades.  WALK AWAY!

  • CRITICAL ASSUMPTIONS NOTE - 4 Contracts are used only once per day per symbol.  The goal is to capture the best setup for the day and get as much out of the market as possible.  Any trades AFTER that trade, (if there are any), have only 1 contract and stops are managed aggressively.

Critical Support and Resistance Levels Displayed on the 10 Min Chart!



    • /ES  The chart below has every tool in the blackFLAG FTS arsenal.  Taking a look at it calmly, I can see how much I have to improve.  There is no reason to have allowed this trade to be stopped out.  
    • While for some chartists and swing traders prefer a cleaner chart, for a day trader chart detail is critical to trade success.  Charts and channels are very important but the blackFLAG FTS set of tools make the trade entry, stop loss management and profit taking much easier.  It takes a lot of the guessing out of the equation.
    • Currently, I do have 4 sets of charts for each instrument traded.
      • A clean channel chart without any tools (just the channels)
      • A chart with channels and a basic set of blackFLAG FTS.
      • Then 2 charts with the full blown set of tools in two different time frames.


  • /CL   The London Session provided a Screaming Short Alert which played into the end of the US Session.  An awesome day to trade Oil Short.  


  • /GC I did an awesome job on this entry.  Within matter of 10 minutes realized a $1,600 profit.


Friday.  Traded Gold nicely.  Then later traded S & P poorly.  Stopped out on a back test.  Net Profit for the day $1,143.00 Done for the day.  Even though the S & P Long would have worked out pretty well without adjusting early my stop, I followed my rules.  So, I will shut down  my computer and take my bike out ending the week with a "Big Win" profit. 

$5,528 Net Profit for the Week.  (4 Day Week - Memorial Day on Monday)

$10,723 Net Profit for the two weeks of testing.  5/15 to 6/01/2018


friday results 2018-06-01_11-15-54
friday summary 2018-06-01_11-20-27