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Pre-Market.  For /ES to continue higher with commitment, I need to see it break above $2696.  For possible scenarios, view charts below.  From this morning activity, I can see /ES topping at the moment.  Once the US Session opens, we can then see where we are going.

  • 10:54 AM - Alerts triggered against support.  I took the trade anyway due to strong alerts.  So far is bouncing. It may turn over again later.  Giving it time. 
  • 12:56 pm.  Entered long. $2669.25 Stop $100 
  • A regular long is an entry based on simple alerts.   Vs a Screaming Long or Short  which has several criteria being met.  Regular Alerts have a higher level of risk of being tested or stopped out. 
  • After lunch I entered long a couple of times /ES ending up with a minor loss.  None of the attempts developed.


Oil broke the channel down yesterday and back tested it nicely.  It allowed for two good short entries.  I did not manage the entry opportunities well.  Poor entry initially (too early as the alerts started to notify of possible short) causing me to then focus on neutralizing the position for the rest of the day.  Goal accomplished. 

Possible scenarios for Friday below.

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A couple of charts to consider. Gold is now in a "Buy The Dips Mode" For Gold to continue higher, it must take out the $1324.6 level