Friday May 4, 2018 blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

All Charts Include The Levels Below!

The blackFLAG© FTS SIGNALS DICTATE THE MOVE,  not a traders' interpretation of support /resistance levels.  The chart lines provide guidance but movement is dictated by price action which is reflected by the signals.  One may be expecting a bounce but if price action decides to back test or to turn over and fail, one must follow the alerts.  As a day trader, one must be detached from a pre-determined analysis.

"Follow the alerts".


The same opportunities will be here tomorrow and the next day!

Considering the Possibilities!

S&P 500

  • 6:16 AM - Daily Pivot $2,619


  • 6:18 AM Daily Pivot $68.13


  • 6:26 AM Daily Pivot $1,312
2 Oil Futures 300 px 2017-11-24_18-22-51



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Today was a pretty active day to trade Shorts and Longs.  Initially shorting /ES pre market to then flip to Long trades.

As I am testing an updated system calibration to trade specifically the US Session, I had large profits which gave up a bunch as I allowed larger stops initially to the positions.  Regardless of this actions, I ended up the day with a nice positive result.