How to Trade

Entering and Exiting A Trade is just as easy as clicking Enter on a keyboard.
Trading profitably is a different story and it requires a trading edge.
What is my trading edge? The FREELY AVAILABLE SwingArm for ThinkOrSwim.

The blackFLAG© SwingArm

The SwingArm is an indicator for ThinkOrSwim which provides a visual representation of price action on a chart. This indicator is a forecasting instrument allowing a trader to plan ahead a potential point of entry or exit of a trade. 

In addition, a trader may also use pivot points, regression channels to assist in making trading decisions.

The blackFLAG© Trading Alerts. The Platinum Alert System.

The blackFLAG Trading Alert System is optimized to trigger only on high probability trades. All you have to do is wait for the setup to enter the trade.

Calendaring Activities

Each index or ETF traded will have its own characteristics and price action will be greatly affected by news events directly affecting the underlying.
For example Oil (/CL /WTI) has a series of events which will cause significant volatility including:

  • API Report on Tuesday afternoon
  • Weekly Inventory Report on Wednesday morning
    and the RIG Count report from Baker Hughes on Friday afternoon.
  • Personally, I use Google as my calendar for specific events I track. Also, Forex Factory provides a calendar of news events, global meetings, etc affecting all instruments. 

Trade Timing

Price has the tendency to move quickly after market open during Globex and US Sessions. It is important to take action based on your price, channel analysis.

A trader may freeze waiting to see if price action confirms the expected move. Once price does confirm and moves as expected, it may be too late to enter the trade requiring a much larger stop loss to protect capital. Trusting your analysis is critical.

Why is Timing so Critical to Trading Success?

In trading, all is timing. Unless you are willing to have large stops, you must have a very good understanding of price action, channels, and support and resistance levels.

When you enter a futures trade on any instrument whether it is /CL Oil, /ES S&P 500 or /GC Gold, etc. timing is critical to entering, and protecting capital.

Change in Trend / Price Action

As a technical analyst, a trader can easily fall pray to a predetermined analysis. Prior to a market session open, traders draw charts, considering trends, channels, intersecting lines, critical levels of support and resistance and based on the review develops an expectation of price action.

Price Action can change at a moments notice. This can occur due to a news event (domestic or international). As changes in the market environment are assimilated by price, trends will continue the trend or change the trend. Being able to adjust positions from Short to Long and vice versa is critical to trading success.


Study Trends Using the Single and Multi Timeframe SwingArm available for free on this website.
Draw Channels / UpTrend / DownTrend / Intersecting Short & Long Term
Understand Support / Resistance / Channel Breaks / Price Action
Use blackFLAG© Futures Trading System
Over 8,000 hours have been invested in the study, design, testing, implementation, calibration, testing again, etc, etc. Fortunately, I have always had the support of my wife and family to do this!
During the study and evelopment, my days Started at 2:50 AM (Miami / NY) and they continued sometimes until 8:00 PM. When you love what you do, you do not feel you are working. It is awesome.