How to View My Chart Setups On Trading View

Upon signing up for the yearly program, please allow up to 24 hours to set up your access and share the studies. After processing your payment, an email will be sent to your registration/payment email address. This email will contain the links to the shared studies in Trading View. To view these studies, you must follow "joseazcarate" on Trading View.

Share the knowlege

The trading platform of TradingView offers a significant advantage: as a coach and educator, I can share the exact same setups from my charts, including settings, with my student members.

This allows them to focus on trading rather than spending time trying to figure out the settings of my charts and attempting to replicate the chart display. By saving time and effort, they can concentrate on making money as traders.

If you find this information valuable, feel free to share it with others who may benefit from becoming profitable traders. This could include your children, significant other, or beloved family members. Remember, knowledge sharing is free, and it’s a valuable legacy to leave behind. By planting the seed with the high-pressure swingarm system, you can help others harvest success.