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blackFLAG© FTS - Futures Trading System

Trading Futures such as the Standard and Poor’s 500, Oil / Crude, Gold and various other commodities has significant risks and it requires specialized training and education. 

 Do not trade with money you can not afford to lose.!

blackFLAG© FTS - Futures Trading System

blackFLAG© FTS, was develop to assist me in making trade entry decisions. My trading style focuses on using regression channels to provide me an idea of possible trade opportunities in the market. The tool set of indicators, some of which are discussed above, provide me an added edge to facilitate the entry timing, management and exit of a trade. While the tools provide useful guidance, the implementation of the system still requires training, testing, and education.

This website is my trading journal where I document my learning process during this long journey of identifying what works for me. Each trader will go thru their own journey and the principles discussed here will greatly shorten a traders’ learning process.

TAKE ACTION ACCORDINGLY! With blackFLAG© FTS, the system will alert the change in market sentiment allowing a trader to take appropriate action!