Keep Hopes & Beliefs Out Of Your Trading Strategy 5/2/2023

It’s important to keep in mind that the market is highly unpredictable, and those who claim to know with certainty what the market will do are often misguided. Instead, by focusing on the probabilities that the price will respond to a swingarm zone, we can identify entry and exit points, and have guidance on how to manage stops and profits when a trade setup emerges.

It’s crucial to keep our hopes and beliefs out of your trading strategy and not base our decisions on what we think the market will do. This way, we can stay on the right side of the trade or, at the very least, minimize our stop-outs. Remember, trading is all about probabilities, and keeping this in mind will help us make more informed decisions and reduce the impact of unpredictable market movements.

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Finally, 15 minutes broken

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trading strategy 2
trading strategy 3
trading strategy 4
trading strategy 5

Live Chart Review | Trading Strategy

trading strategy 6
trading strategy 7

Price action responding to zones looking for support below. 30 min. Is out already.

The wave’s signals are supporting the move.

trading strategy 8

Keep in mind that the Bearish High Pressure Started End of the day yesterday. It took until this session to set up and drop.

No bottom found yet.

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