March 7th, 2023 ES500 Futures SwingArm Demonstration

Video Replay of Today’s Price Action

Premarket Analysis Shared on Discord to members

JoseAzcarate — Today at 8:21 AM

Good morning, During the premarket review, we begin with a higher timeframe analysis, which remains relatively consistent day to day.

As illustrated on the chart I’ve been sharing, the 2-day chart, trend lines, and quarterly point of control are driving the market higher toward the 8-hour zone extremes we reached yesterday. As the 8-hour timeframe is more significant, it has the potential to initiate a backtest of the prior broken-up swing arm, the 4-hour. While this is not a certainty, it is a possibility as the price moves between support and resistance levels.

Yesterday, we saw minimal resistance from sellers at the 8-hour extreme zones, and the 15-minute high-pressure point broke down. Today, it may be tested, but it could also break up, as it is a much smaller timeframe compared to the other drivers of the market.

Regarding probabilities on the 15-minute chart, we have a 62% to 68% bearish bias, which offers guidance on the potential backtesting of supports. When it comes to swing arms and price behavior, we know that when price enters a swing arm’s zones, they become support and resistance levels and may be tested. Price has entered the 8-hour zones, which offers a range of potential moves in the coming days.

Additionally, the 4-hour break is also in play, and the price action may drop as low as that level. These general rules provide a GPS-like view of price direction. The lower timeframes reveal actual price behavior and the current trend. The waves also provide guidance on potential consolidation or trending price action.

Currently, the one-hour waves are flat, which indicates consolidation and a possible test of highs and lows.

The lower timeframes serve as a valuable guide, revealing the most recent price action well before the move occurs. By examining the previous pre-market analysis, you can gain insight into the potential price action based on the identified zones. In addition, probabilities offer further perspective on potential market movers before they even occur.

— Today at 11:01 AM

The price has entered the 2-hour internal extreme zone, which lies between the 8-hour and 4-hour zones. It is highly probable that it will break out of this zone eventually.

— Today at 11:40 AM

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