Monday April 30, 2018 blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

All Charts Include The Levels Below!

Standard & Poor's 500 Daily Charts

The blackFLAG© FTS SIGNALS DICTATE THE MOVE Not my interpretation of support /resistance levels.  They provide guidance but movement is dictated by price action which is reflected by the signals.  I may expect a bounce but price decides to turn over and fail and it goes.  One must be detached from your analysis.  Follow the alerts.  


The S & P reached the selling target 2681 this morning at around 6:00 AM and it is now retracing to support at 2676.  I expect that level to hold.  If not, then allow it to break and back test.  If it fails, then, short it.  (once alerts appear).

I believe that the level at 2676 is being back tested and it will possibly  bounce.  Keep in mind that price will do what ever it wants.  The key is to know levels of importance where price may react to and then determine if it can be bought or sold depending on how it responds to the level. 

The next possible buy level on /ES is at $2676

  • 9:09 AM - $2676.55 Level being tested.
  • The level bounced twice then then fail and break down.
  • Price action heading down to test support levels.  2668 and 2666 area.
  • Below that the next level is 2661



Oil broke down level 67.58 back tested it and failed to then continue to the next target at 67.35.  The level was pierced twice and now is bouncing.  blackFLAG alerts triggered at last night and also at 3:00 AM this morning. 

  • Oil has been testing $67.34 for the past 6 hours.  Shorting from $68 area would be awesome!  

The next target down for oil is $66.72

10:36 Bounce in process.  Bounced hard!

10:59 Long Oil $68.19 Scalp.  - Closed trade.  

11:07 - Position Neutral.

1:10 PM - Long Scalp.  $320.00



Gold Triggered last night.  It reached each supporting level on the way down, reacted to it, by bouncing slightly and then breaking down.  This morning, the move down was held by the 1318 level to then break, back test and continue lower.

Next target below for Gold is $1312


Today, /ES (Short) and Oil (Long) provided screaming Alerts during the US Session.  Contrary to most technical trading styles, blackFLAG requires to view the 1 minute charts for proper and timely entries.  Today, I was reviewing higher time frames while the alerts were occurring on the 1 min chart to go short /ES and long /CL.
I made several trades ending the day Neutral.

With this system, you if mess the morning entries, you are pretty much done for the day.  The initial morning moves are the trades that provide the biggest risk / reward ratio.  If you continue to attempt to chase the trade, you end up with several trades (that if managed properly give you a neutral day).  Not worth the effort.  If managed poorly, you may end up with a small to large loss.