Saturday June 30, 2018 blackFLAG Futures Trading System Update

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Trading Performance Results - PAPER TRADES FOR TESTING PURPOSES!

Trading Alerts For Futures Markets

Jose Azcarate Creator of the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

Trading Performance Results (Paper Testing Alerts)

The system works beautifully. The operator needs improvement!

SMALL WIN $1,879

Updating Charts this AM

Algo Optimized April 27, 2018 Version 2.0

Five Outcomes to A Trade

My goal is to be either "Profitable, Neutral or CLOSE TRADE"

64 Trades for the week. 

Net Profit $1,879.90

Tuesday 6/26/2018 (Not Monday, which was a holiday)

14 Trades - NEUTRAL DAY

Monday Results Summary 2018-06-26_21-10-25

Thursday 6/27/2018

14 Trades - NEUTRAL DAY

Wednesday Detail Results 2018-06-27_17-51-33

Wednesday 6/28/2018

14 Trades - NEUTRAL DAY

thursday trade detail 2018-06-28_16-35-08

Friday 6/29/2018

22 Trades - NEUTRAL DAY

There were 3 Screaming Alerts. Missed two of them. I should have hit the profit target of $10,000 for the week!