Saturday May 5, 2018 blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

The blackFLAG© FTS SIGNALS DICTATE THE MOVE,  not a traders' interpretation of support /resistance levels.  The chart lines provide guidance but movement is dictated by price action which is reflected by the signals.  One may be expecting a bounce but if price action decides to back test or to turn over and fail, one must follow the alerts.  As a day trader, one must be detached from a pre-determined analysis.

"Follow the alerts".


The same opportunities will be here tomorrow and the next day!

All Charts Include The Levels Below!

Considering the Possibilities!

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This past week was awesome.  The algorithm was re calibrated to work specifically the US Session Hours.  In the past several months I worked on developing a set up to be used during the London and US Sessions. 

The calibration was successful but living in Miami and getting up at 2:50 AM each day was just too hard.  Trying to make trading decisions without being 100% it is not recommended to anyone.  So, I decided to go back to my drawing board and reprogram my processes. 

This past week was the first week with the updated set up.  The results are promising.  The charts below provide a glimpse of the improvement in reading the charts, interpreting the alerts and executing the trades.