Setting Up SwingArm Alerts on Trading View Desktop or Mobile

The SwingArm studies offer a significant advantage due to their wide range of alert options.

The SwingArm zones have the ability to generate alerts, including the pressure system, pressure trendlines, and pressure extreme zones. These features provide endless customization options to suit individual trading styles.

Selecting which alerts to activate depends on the individual trader’s approach. For instance, a swing trader may choose to turn on alerts for optimal entry zones on the high pressure system for 1, 2, or 4-hour zones. Additionally, they may opt to receive alerts for zone 4 of the 8-hour, daily, or even higher timeframes, which could be beneficial for long-term investors.

Alternatively, a day trader may prefer to enable alerts for 15-minute and 30-minute SwingArm zone 4s, high pressure optimal zones, and potentially other pressure system zones as per their interest and requirements. It’s important to note that trendline pressure signals are valuable for both day and swing trading and can be activated for any desired timeframes.

Extreme pressure zones are particularly powerful on higher timeframes starting from 15 minutes and up. It’s crucial to avoid setting up too many alerts, as an excessive number of signals can lead to decision paralysis. Therefore, it is advisable to develop a trading strategy and only activate alerts that fit your specific needs.