SwingArm – Comments by Jose 4/18/23

There is no harm to report, only a sense of serenity. Both my financial assets and mental state remain intact, which is truly wonderful. We may also have a buy as the bounce to backtest happens.

As per the previous analysis, there was a possibility of a rebound to test the 15-minute internal swingarm, with potential targets being the 1-hour zones. The plan was to wait for a break and then consider a long position for the backtest, which played out as anticipated. The remarkable aspect of this is that you can also observe the same outcome. There is nothing exceptional about my abilities; it is simply how the system was designed – to gauge pressure, identify areas of interest, and react to zones, which anyone can learn by grasping some fundamental principles. Thus, the potential to produce identical results exists for everyone.

15M ES1 - 18 April

Now, price backtesting the trendline. If broken up then really possible.

Price backtesting the trendline. If broken up then rally possible
15M ES1 18/4

Notice the image that calls out the increased probabilities to the long side to then see price continuation all night.

🚩 🚩 Take a look at the big picture with the next two charts. Where the bounce started to the exact point. The 2-Month SwingArm at 3500 level.

swingarm blackflag futures trading expert comments by Jose 4

Where price is currently targetting:

swingarm blackflag futures trading expert comments by Jose 3
swingarm blackflag futures trading expert comments by Jose 2

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Based on the 2-hour high-pressure BUY zones, the ES 500 Futures entered a long position and has now tested the prior 2-day resistance. If the price can remain above it, it will confirm it as support and continue to move higher gradually. The swingarm level accurately predicted the price hitting 3,500 in October of last year. New traders often fail to see the importance of patience and time in the trading process.

The one hour and 30 minutes provided the entries yesterday, and the one minute followed through to new highs. My entry yesterday was stopped out by 1.25 points, and they did not chase the trade after returning from lunch. Trading involves making decisions every day, and being comfortable with the outcomes is essential to avoiding stress in the process.


Today, backtesting supports and grinding higher to resistances is expected. In the indices, RUT went in Long with bullish pressure ON and now reaches the extreme zone of the 4-hour high pressure. NQ gave the buy signals at the same time as ES did yesterday.

The system’s performance is impressive and provides guidance to help traders make a fortune. Determining entry and stop levels is critical to achieving financial goals. However, it is important to remember that no system can solve personal issues or negative states of mind, and traders should address these issues themselves.

Disclosure: This technical analysis is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. The comments provided are based on reading the charts and opinions are expressed, and results may vary.

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15 MIN Confirms Broken
Sell Zones Above

15 MIN Confirms Broken Sell Zones Above

Trading in the Zone

As Mark Douglas stated in his book “Trading in the Zone” Anything can happen when trading in the markets. However, if we combine taking enough trades from newly created swing zones with areas of interest in other timeframes, we can find opportunities to make money. This is a daily occurrence in the markets.

See chart above. This is a GPS for trading.

The sooner you see it, the better.

GPS for trading

Another reason for the price to potentially reject is 2 Day SwingArm Pivot level is below:

Another reason for the price to potentially reject is 2 Day SwingArm Pivot level

Many traders have a fear of entering trades during the opening hour of trading. This fear is driven by the belief that the market is most volatile during this time and that any trade taken could result in substantial losses. However, this mindset is flawed. While it is true that the market may experience increased volatility during the opening hour, this is also when the most significant trading opportunities can arise.

By avoiding trades during this time, traders may miss out on potentially profitable trades. Instead, traders should focus on the swingarm trading strategy that takes advantage of market movements while providing multiple forms of notifications during the opening hour and be prepared to manage risks through appropriate stop-loss measures. Ultimately, with the right mindset and strategy, traders can successfully trade during the opening hour and capitalize on the opportunities that arise.

swingarm blackflag futures trading expert comments by Jose

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