Swingarm Trading Plan


regular swingarm sell zones

Determine your risk tolerance:

Before making any trades, you need to determine how much you are willing to risk per trade. This will help you establish a maximum stop protection amount. Every trade setup must have a reward that justifies the risk taken. The risk/reward ratio measures the potential profit against the potential loss of a trade. To achieve a high probability of success, traders should only enter trades that have a favorable risk/reward ratio, typically 4:1 or greater. This means that the potential profit should be at least four times the potential loss of the trade. By using risk/reward analysis, traders can manage their risk effectively and maximize their profits.

Calculate position size:

Once you have established your maximum stop protection amount, you can calculate your position size. This will depend on the price of the security, your risk tolerance, and your trading account balance. (New Trader Average Account Size $30,000). DO NOT RISK MORE THAN 1% IN ANY ONE TRADE

Implement stop protection:

Once you have determined your position size, you can implement your stop protection. With the swingarm pressure system, you have the ability to customize your stop protection and use it as a trailing stop protection to protect your profits.

Establish a daily stop-loss budget by setting a maximum amount of funds to allocate for stops. For instance, setting a limit of $1200 for the day would allow for up to four trades in the session. If all four trades are stopped, the maximum loss for the day would be $1200. Example: 1 ES Contract and 6 Point Stop. $300 Max loss per trade.

Average Account Size

$30,000 x 1% (Risk % Per Trade) = $300

Qty 1 x 4 ES Trades / Day

= $1200 maximum potential cost to operate your trading business per day.

Qty 4 x 4 MES Trades / Day

= $480 maximum potential cost to operate your trading business per day.

Maximum allowance for losses in one day:

If trading 1 ES Contract, the maximum allowable loss for the worst day should be -$1200 or less.

If trading 1 MES Contract, the maximum allowable loss for the worst day should be ---- Qty 1 = -$120 or less. If Qty = 4 - $480.00 ----

ES SwingArm Trading Plan
mes SwingArm Trading Plan

If your account is really small, start small and grow from there. Just be patient and study.

SwingArm trading plan 1 MES ILLustration for small accounts.


Traders have multiple ways to enter a trade when using the SwingArm Pressure System. These include:

Cease trading for the day if a trader exhausts their allowable 4 trades and all 4 end up with stop losses.

Set profit targets:

The swingarm pressure system also provides potential profit targets. You can use these targets to determine when to take profits or when to stay in the trade as long as the 1-minute swingarm stays with the trend. Trading from zone to zone using the swingarm makes it easy to see where to enter and where to take profits. See the example below:

Adjust the stop as the price moves in your favor:

 Keeping in mind that bringing the stop to breakeven plus is critical and not aggressively adjusting the stop increases the risks of being taken out and therefore exiting the trade prematurely.

Taking profits.

There are multiple ways to do this. One is scaling out if possible, another is closing the trade completely. by following this process consistently, the trading plan will produce the desired results. Repeat the process over and over and grow your account in a way you never imagined.

Monitor and adjust:

Once you have established your trading budget and implemented your stop protection and profit targets, it is important to monitor your trades and adjust your budget and stops as needed based on market conditions and your overall trading strategy.

Repeat with consistence

Consistency is a key aspect of any trading plan, as many traders fail to adhere to their plan on a daily basis. One of the main reasons for this failure is allowing excitement and exuberance to override the plan that led to previous successes.

"Trading with the SwingArm Pressure System - the simple yet effective way to consistent profits. Identify major opportunities, manage risk, and focus on rewards. Start with the 2-day chart, use color-coded zones for entry, place stop based on risk, adjust stop as price moves, and take profits. Follow this process consistently and grow your account beyond your expectations #SwingArmPressureSystem #TradingSuccess"

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