Pivot Holding: Comments by Jose 4/21/2023

Pivot Holding: You can see on the 1hr how pressure shifted from P89 to P34 earlier. No price breaks below the P34.
Not good for ES.
4128 Wave 1 HR
Keep in mind I am working on a laptop. Not ideal for trading.
I would consider the 2hr broken.

2-Day Pivot Holding

2-Day Pivot Holding, swingarm trading chart
2-Day Pivot Holding, swingarm trading chart 2 resistances
2-Day Pivot Holding, swingarm trading chart 3
2-Day Pivot Holding, swingarm trading chart , target

There comes the target.

Bear in mind that the most fragile component in the swingarm chain is the 1-minute 28/5 or 6, which cycles more rapidly due to opposing forces at play. We observed both bullish and bearish tendencies across different timeframes, indicating the presence of volatility. As a result, swift movements can be expected as buyers and sellers strive to assert dominance.

28/9 SwingArm

28/9 SwingArm

Zone 4 Entry to prior support signal zones
2 DAY Pivot point being tested once more.

signal zones, 2 DAY Pivot being tested,
swingarm trading, pivot

Notice where the P34s are and look where the price is now.

The price has breached the previous support pressure area and is now testing the pivot point. As time progresses, the downward trend persists until it either falls below the level or enough pressure accumulates to push it upwards. Ultimately, time will provide the definitive answer.

For those with greater experience using the swingarm, what is your analysis of potential events for the upcoming week? Please base your insights on chart data rather than personal opinions, and explain your reasoning.

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