Technical Market Analysis 4/28/2023

Always prefer technical market analysis over news resources. The sequence on this chart is the breakout from the prior formation. 1, 2, 3, and break. 4hr zones next meaningful targets.

It’s ironic how today’s news reports show that the GDP fell short of expectations. Although the initial forecast predicted a 2.0% growth rate for the first quarter of 2023, the actual growth rate was only 1%. Despite this, the market is still rallying. This is why I personally don’t rely on news or financial analysis from news sources. Instead, I prefer to focus on technical market analysis.

technical market analysis 1

NQ seems to be breaking up the 4 HR Swingarm. Wow… Let’s see if it confirms later today.

This setup is impressive:

technical market analysis meta platforms

ES and NQ are Rallying after the close.
NQ 4 HR will confirm the broken later today.

If the 4hr breaks up then:

technical market analysis 2

4-Hour Zones Reached the end of the session yesterday.
For now, the price is at prior critical resistance zones and the 15 min is now cycling. News Coming in 10 Minutes.

technical market analysis 3
technical market analysis 4
technical market analysis 5

All charts above are in front of me at all times. Technical Market Analysis

technical market analysis 6

Overall, price action is bullish – price above all waves on the 1 minute – Initially targetting the 15-minute interval. The objective is zone 4 of the 4-hour – touched and rejected yesterday.

  • If the 1 Minute cycles down, then a test of supports will follow.
  • If the 15-minute breaks up, a buy bucket will follow.

During the market opening, keep an eye on the 15-minute swingarm as it potentially breaks up under high pressure. When backtesting the zones, you may find that the process is quick and does not reach zone 4. Depending on the pressure release, the price may bounce from either zone 3 or zone 2.

It may be tempting to place waiting orders deep into Zone 4. However, it’s important to note that price action may not reach these orders. Instead, consider using a flexible approach that allows you to adapt to changing market conditions and adjust your trading plan accordingly. By remaining alert and responsive to the market, you can optimize your trades and increase your chances of success.

To manage the entry effectively, consider placing all waiting orders in the middle of Zone 3. However, keep in mind that price action may deviate from this plan. For example, if the price reaches Zone 2 and remains there for several minutes, it could be an indication that there isn’t enough selling pressure to reach Zone 3.

When this happens, it’s important to adjust your trading plan accordingly.

Currently, the price is trading within the four-hour zones, which can act as both support and resistance levels. As of now, the support level is at 4136, while the 30-minute zone 4 below is located around the 4122 area. Keep these levels in mind as you analyze the market and plan your trades. By staying aware of key support and resistance levels, you can make more informed trading decisions and increase your chances of success.

technical market analysis 7

15 Minutes holding for now.
This is a difficult area due to significant resistance zones
Which gives a tight range for the price to move without breakup pressure.
Confirmed broken – no follow through. yet.
Gap-fill at 4157

The price has reached a crucial level, and if the 1-minute swing arm maintains its upward trend, it indicates that buyers have the upper hand. However, if there is a breakdown, a sell-off may occur after a backtest.
Optimal entries on NQ and RUT.

technical market analysis 8
technical market analysis 9

The big picture.

technical market analysis 10

Notice how bullish probabilities of success were updated earlier today.

Post in the general section. what have you noticed on the 15-minute high-pressure column? This is a test of your awareness and understanding of the system and pressure. ANYONE HAS A COMMENT ON THIS?

1 HR Reg. Breaking


technical market analysis 11

We have reached the Target of almost 100% of the zone.

technical market analysis 12
The 15 min will determine if there is more selling or not.

A friendly reminder:

Just a friendly reminder that the active pair is currently the 8-hour/4-hour combination. The lower timeframes are considered internals and may cycle as pressure builds up. Given the 4-hour timeframe, price action could take a day or two before showing any significant movements. However, newly created swingarm zones could offer zone-to-zone opportunities to consider during this time.

This is the best illustration of pressure release in recent times.

Starting from 8 Hour zones and reaching the pair partner 100% – the 4-hour.

What will happen is anyone’s guess.

Review the last chart and this post.

Every index is aggressively bullish.

All are at resistance but no sellers showing up. (at least for now)

technical market analysis 13

By studying the example provided, which displays zone 4s on a single chart, you can observe that these zones tend to perform consistently. If you wait for the price to approach a newly formed zone and enter your trades there, while placing your stop a couple of points above the swingarm spike high or low, you can continue trading from zone to zone successfully.

This approach works particularly well for day trading, although it can also be applied to higher timeframes as we have seen with the 8-hour to 4-hour zones. If you examine an even larger timeframe, such as the 2-month 3500 level targeting the weekly zones, you can see how this approach can be successful over longer periods. Don’t doubt your ability to learn this technique; it’s straightforward as long as you 1) understand the concept, and 2) take control of your mind and expectations. Only then will you be able to succeed at this?

technical market analysis 14

We have a freshly created 4 Hour bucket. This could be a swing down into the bucket for the next days or so. For the market to run up, it needs another slingshoot. (Keep in mind that this is just a possibility – not a guarantee).

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