Thursday August 23, 2018 blackFLAG Futures Trading System Miami, FL

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Jose Azcarate Creator of the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

The blackFLAG Futures System works beautifully. The operator needs improvement!


Supply Concerns Provide Support For Oil
Combining Moving Averages to Trade a Breakout Strategy
Let's talk S & P, Oil or Gold Futures
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Algo Optimized April 27, 2018 Version 2.0

Basic Assumptions:

Start Account Size: $50,000 USD
Maximum Risk at Trade Entry: --
Maximum Risk 2-5 Min After Entry --
Adjust To Break Even ASAP
Average Size: 1 Contract when using blackFLAG FTS.
Without blackFLAG FTS: 1 Contract / $125,000 of Capital
Typical Stop Loss $150 / Contract
Maximum Loss Limit / Day $500 (0.50%)
No New Trades.  WALK AWAY!

Five Outcomes to A Trade

My goal is to be either "Profitable, Neutral or CLOSE TRADE"

  • CRITICAL ASSUMPTIONS NOTE - When proper set ups occur, 4 Contracts are used only once per day per symbol.  The goal is to capture the best setup for the day and get as much out of the market as possible.  Any trades AFTER that trade, (if there are any), have only 1 contract and stops are managed aggressively.