Thursday June 28, 2018 blackFLAG Futures Trading System Update

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Trading Performance Results - PAPER TRADES FOR TESTING PURPOSES!

Trading Alerts For Futures Markets

Jose Azcarate Creator of the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

Trading Performance Results (Paper Testing Alerts)

The system works beautifully. The operator needs improvement!

2:12 PM
Gross Profits $2,092.50

Updating Charts this AM

Algo Optimized April 27, 2018 Version 2.0

Basic Assumptions:

Account Size: $100,000 USD
Maximum Risk at Trade Entry: $2,000 (2.00%)
Maximum Risk 2 Min After Entry $600 (0.60%)
Adjust To Break Even ASAP
Average Size: 4 Contracts when using blackFLAG FTS.
Without blackFLAG FTS: 1 Contract / $125,000 of Capital
Maximum Loss Limit / Day $500 (0.50%)
No New Trades.  WALK AWAY!

Five Outcomes to A Trade

My goal is to be either "Profitable, Neutral or CLOSE TRADE"

  • CRITICAL ASSUMPTIONS NOTE - 4 Contracts are used only once per day per symbol.  The goal is to capture the best setup for the day and get as much out of the market as possible.  Any trades AFTER that trade, (if there are any), have only 1 contract and stops are managed aggressively.

Critical Support and Resistance Levels Displayed on the 10 Min Chart!





  • /CL Today, I was able to properly enter and capture a significant amount of the profits generated by the LONG SCREAMING ALERTS on Oil.  As always, there is plenty of room for improvement when trading, it does not matter how many years you may have been doing it, you will have the opportunity to improve.  Regarding this example, I closed all 4 contracts at once instead of scaling out which I usually do.  Otherwise, it worked out as it is supposed to.  

    As a #DayTrader #Futures, it is about managing profits and not loses (Marty Schwartz)  


  • /GC 



5/14 to 5/18/2018

$109.314 Beginning Balance $112,390 Ending Balance

WEEK #1 - Net Profit $3,076

5/21 to 5/25/2018

$112,390 Beginning Balance
$114,018 Ending Balance

WEEK #2 Net Profit $1,628

(4 Day Week - Memorial Day on Monday)

5/28 to 6/1/2018

$114,018 Beginning Balance
$119,551 Ending Balance

WEEK #3 Net Profit $5,533

6/4 to 6/8/2018

$119,342 Beginning Balance
$114,379 Ending Balance

WEEK #4 Net Loss -$4,963

(Tuesday was a simulation of a negative day trading -$4,317) On this day, I hit my $500 limit too early in the day, so I decided to make it a Big Loss day and hopefully illustrate what it would look like when committing the common mistakes made when trading carelessly.

Otherwise, the week was Small Loss.


Updating Charts

Today, OIL provided SCREAMING LONG ALERTS which I was able to capture and trade properly.  I could have held to the entry for another $0.50 per contract but took profits instead.  No Regrets.  What can be done next time, close 2/3 of the position and hold the balance.  That is one way to improve performance.

Well Managed Entry & Exits providing a nice profit.