Trade Against the Trend? Comments by Jose 4/27/2023

Why do you choose to trade against the trend, if that’s something you tend to do?

Trade Against the Trend: Chart 1

ES bounces after close. NQ did as well. RUT did not.

Update your charts – CTRL

To assist traders in focusing on trading in the direction of pressure, the chart will display a title that reflects the current pressure in the system. This should help alert traders that if they trade against the pressure, it is crucial to take profits as they are likely to vanish once backtesting is conducted and the price turns over. Traders should then prepare to trade again in the direction of pressure. It is up to the individual trader to decide whether to trade in both directions or wait and only trade in the direction of pressure.

Trade Against the Trend: Chart 2

8:00 AM. EST. Live Chart Review.

Trade Against the Trend: Chart 3

These charts now:

Trade Against the Trend: Chart 4
Trade Against the Trend: Chart 5
Trade Against the Trend: Chart 6

I figured I would ask my mentor Marty Schwartz for some advice this morning:

Hey there, fellow traders! Marty Schwartz here, and this mornin’ I got some hot charts for ya, showin’ what I like to call “areas of interest.” So, what’s an area of interest, you ask? Well, it’s a pivot point or zone within those larger timeframes where the price just might react. Now, how can you tell if the price has actually responded to that area? That’s where our trusty swingarm pressure system comes into play, sportin’ several ways to detect a response, such as a swingarm breakdown, a potential trendline pressure signal pointin’ in the rejection’s direction, or a wave trendline response.

The real key to success here, my friends, is being prepared and studying these areas days or even weeks ahead. That’s what’s gonna give you the clarity you need when it’s time to make those crucial trading decisions. Remember, lack of preparation is the top problem most traders face. If you’re sittin’ down in front of your computer to make trades without knowing your areas of interest, well, you’re just askin’ for trouble and heartache.


8:30 am GDP Q1 2.0% 2.6%
8:30 amInitial jobless claimsApril 22249,000245,000
8:30 amContinuing jobless claimsApril 151.87 million
10:00 amPending home salesMarch 0.5%0.8%
Trade Against the Trend: Chart 7


Trade Against the Trend: Chart 8


Trade Against the Trend: Chart 9

WARNING: Trade against the trend?

Sell Pressure ON
Into Strong 8Hr Supports
Potential For A Bullish Slingshot
(In the next couple of days. The news may greatly impact price action )

Read this comment from yesterday. These levels are all in front of us ahead of time. I provide the guidance to them and you do the trading. 🚩

Trade Against the Trend: Chart 10

It is important to note that the 15-minute/30-minute internal swingarms may experience multiple cycles before the price gathers sufficient momentum to establish a trend.

It is possible that the market’s bottom may be retested, therefore it is crucial not to solely rely on a narrow perspective and allow channel vision to dominate your analysis

The current price is situated in the 8-hour zones, and the upper pivot point at 4108 could potentially function as a resistance level and push the price back toward the support zones. It is important to recognize that these scenarios are all possible outcomes for the market. However, since the market’s close yesterday, the night action has been bullish from the 8-hour pivot point located at 4069.

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My guess is that all of you are long the BUY bucket right?

Trade Against the Trend: Chart 11
Trade Against the Trend: Chart 12
Trade Against the Trend: Chart 13
Trade Against the Trend: Chart 14

NASDAQ – Optimal Entry. Bullish Pressure BOX.

Trade Against the Trend: Chart 15

This was posted at 7:52 AM today “POTENTIAL FOR A BULLISH SLINGSHOT
I was available live to explain the setup. All were busy, unfortunately.

Hopefully, the charts helped.

4140 Next Pivot
Tons of energy from 8hr support.
Potential Target Zones? 4 HR Partners ( possible )
15 and 30 minutes reg. channels broke up.
This is one Quiet Group.

Anyone, Why is this chart critical?

If I do not have a response. I quit.

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