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Close Up View of the same chart but in 3 Minutes

The Chart Below is For Oil Futures /CL. During U.K. Session on 10/03/2018 Wednesday. The day of the Weekly Inventory Report. The news event caused price to bounce strongly after the prior $1.00 drop ($1,000 per contract).  The bounce took price up from $74.30 to a high of $76.90  ($2.60 - or $2,600 per contract).  Being able to have the know how to trade a portion of such a move is priceless.

That Oil Bounce, is displayed on the next charts below.

Review of The Tools Displayed on the Chart

Blue Dots Horizontal Line

The blue dots are the daily Pivot Point.

The pivot point itself is simply the average of the high, low and closing prices from the previous trading day.

Green Up Trending Horizontal Line
Yellow or Purple Horizontal Lines
Dark Green & Black Uptrending Arrows




You Must Have 3 Arrows minimum "TRIGGERED" Prior To Entering a Trade.

The Second Best Entry is a Long Squeeze (Short Squeeze)

long squeeze trading alerts
Five Outcomes to A Trade