Wednesday July 25, 2018 blackFLAG Futures Trading System Miami, FL

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Trading Performance Results - PAPER TRADES FOR TESTING PURPOSES!

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Jose Azcarate Creator of the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

The system works beautifully. The operator needs improvement!


How Much to Risk on Each Trade

Beginner's Guide to Trend Channels
12:31 PM
Gross Profit $1,387

Updating Charts this AM

Algo Optimized April 27, 2018 Version 2.0

Basic Assumptions:

Account Size: $100,000 USD
Maximum Risk at Trade Entry: $2,000 (2.00%)
Maximum Risk 2 Min After Entry $600 (0.60%)
Adjust To Break Even ASAP
Average Size: 1 Contract when using blackFLAG FTS.
Without blackFLAG FTS: 1 Contract / $125,000 of Capital
Maximum Loss Limit / Day $500 (0.50%)
No New Trades.  WALK AWAY!

Five Outcomes to A Trade

My goal is to be either "Profitable, Neutral or CLOSE TRADE"

  • CRITICAL ASSUMPTIONS NOTE - 4 Contracts are used only once per day per symbol.  The goal is to capture the best setup for the day and get as much out of the market as possible.  Any trades AFTER that trade, (if there are any), have only 1 contract and stops are managed aggressively.




/ES At market open, the Screaming Long Alerts came up which I took right away.  Then as the move failed to continue and found resistance, I got out of the trade with profit. Traded the break up but not the 11:15 AM Alerts.  I was focused on managing Oil to get it back to positive.  But I also realized that the 5 Min chart does not give me what I want with /ES.  So, from now on, I will use the 1 Min chart instead to trade /ES.  


  • /CL   Entered Oil late, managed it, to the re enter long to recoup and close at a profit.  Trading Oil Weekly Inventory Report requires lots and lots of practice.  Specially learning how to fix a mistake of an improper entry.  Paper trade it over and over.. The issue is that you get to do it only once a week.  Take your time.


  • /GC Closed the long at a slight profit.  The resistance held sending Gold back down to back test.  



5/14 to 5/18/2018

$109.314 Beginning Balance $112,390 Ending Balance

WEEK #1 - Net Profit $3,076

5/21 to 5/25/2018

$112,390 Beginning Balance
$114,018 Ending Balance

WEEK #2 Net Profit $1,628

(4 Day Week - Memorial Day on Monday)

5/28 to 6/1/2018

$114,018 Beginning Balance
$119,551 Ending Balance

WEEK #3 Net Profit $5,533

6/4 to 6/8/2018

$119,342 Beginning Balance
$114,379 Ending Balance

WEEK #4 Net Loss -$4,963

(Tuesday was a simulation of a negative day trading -$4,317) On this day, I hit my $500 limit too early in the day, so I decided to make it a Big Loss day and hopefully illustrate what it would look like when committing the common mistakes made when trading carelessly.

Otherwise, the week was Small Loss.

ACCOUNT SUMMARY - Testing Performance with new system calibration.

5/14  $109.314 Beginning Balance 

7/19/2018, the current balance is: 


Net Profit of $12,718

  • See Week #Notes


Updating Charts

/ES Volatility kept price swinging from one side to the other and hitting my stops quite accurately to then finally get going in the expected direction.  

During testing, I was placing lots and lots of trades generating fees. Now, I manage aggressively to keep fees low to neutral.

wednesday details 2018-07-25_12-22-45
wednesday summary 2018-07-25_12-28-06

Gross Profit $1,387. Challenging day to trade with the Oil News Release. Keeping a cool mind allows a trader to re think, manage and end up on the right side of the trade. Only with plenty of practice, this can be learned.