Trading Alerts with blackFLAG Futures Trading System Miami, FL – 10/10/2018

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Trading Alerts For Futures Markets

Jose Azcarate Creator of the blackFLAG© Futures Trading System (Ex Real Estate Agent)

Introducing Chart Check.  As you study and learn to read my posted charts prior to U.S. Session Open, you may submit your analysis for review.  I will consider 5 traders a day.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED YOUR TRADER PROFILE, please direct message me on Twitter to provide you the the Live Stream Link.

Updating Charts


Twitter Charts - Standard & Poor's 500 Index

Today, the market dropped over 100 points.  As a result, I had too many charts to manually post to the website (18 just for /ES).  So, I am going to insert the Tweets Instead. 

Oil Charts on Twitter





  • /CL   


  • /GC