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Why use The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System?

Technical Trading requires a trader to invest years in studying charts and patterns.  A trader must learn to interpret momentum, volume, trends, support and resistance levels, price action,  and most of all money management and psychological response to market moves.

The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System provides a clear trading plan to implement greatly improving the chances of success.  This does not mean that it is easy, it does require patience, commitment and effort.  

As the alert occurs, a series of processes are initiated, a simple checklist of 3 items must be in agreement to enter the trade.  Once a trade has been entered, a stop is set usually $150 per contract.  This stop is then adjusted to breakeven plus as the trade develops.  Then, your only job is to determine when to close the trade partially or all of it.  Targets are provided and alerts give you the guidance needed to make the exit decision.

Every Trade is recorded and saved via Screenshot and then published publicly on my journal.

Initially, the goal is to bring the stop to breakeven plus.  Then, as the trade develops in the expected direction, the stop is adjusted over and over to protect profits.  If price finds resistance and the blackFLAG© goes negative, adjust the stop more to protect more profits or close the trade (preferred).  Allow the system to provide new alerts to determine if an entry in the established direction of the trend is possible.

The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System assists the trader with charts, trends, possible trading scenarios, advanced notice of possible moves, expected entries, management and take profit targets to be considered.

Trading the Markets

Trading the futures market can be difficult, costly and even painful. Poor trading can cause sickness, divorce, loss of friendships and even more.

The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System are here to make trading life easier and profitable.

Traders must learn to read charts, draw lines, and see patterns to better understand price action and see what the market has to offer.

To accomplish this task, I recommend you do what I did.  Hire the best Channel Trader in the world.  Burak Kaplan, PhD from Trading Channels UK.  Burak offers an incredible value with his subscription where you receive daily and interim charts updating you about what is happening.  This training takes years to learn, it is not an overnight success.  You must commit to long term study of the markets and develop your own trading style.

It will be the best decision you make to improve your ability to become great technical analysts.

Why blackFLAG© ?

The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System focuses on trading the Futures market and ETF's

The development of this system started with attempting to learn to read channels back in October of 2015.  During the first year of learning, paper trading for a few months and then trading live provided great insight as to the opportunity ahead.

There were great trades and also trades that went horribly wrong.  Studying what happened and dissecting the process was intense and required lots of learning capital, great effort, patience and faith in my ability to pull thru it all.

Follow me on Twitter to receive FREE daily charts using my unique channel drawing style developed using my technical analysis and know how taught by my mentors.

You may use this site to learn about charting, use of easily available tools, channels, money management, trade entry etc.  My charts are posted daily Twitter with details on the alerts, if any.


If interested, you may join me on my live stream and discuss trade set ups.  You must be a pre-qualified trader to  get access.  Please see my daily blog for access request forms.

  • Private Access To Detailed Channel Charts

  • Notification of Trade Opportunities including:

    • Symbol
    • Action to Take: BUY / SELL
    • Price
    • Stop Loss Position
    • Updates for Trailing Stop
    • Scaling Opportunity Alerts
    • Take Profit Alerts
    • Close Trade Alert.