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Why use The blackFLAG©

Trading using technical analysis requires a trader to invest years in studying charts and patterns.

A trader must learn to interpret

  • momentum,

  • volume,

  • trends,

  • support and resistance levels,

  • money management

  • and psychological response to market moves.

Having a visual representation of all of the above in one study provides a huge help in someone’s ability to easily and quickly understand price action, trend, support, resistance, and most of all value area zones to buy or sell from.

For these reasons, the SwingArm was developed.

The SwingArm is a visual / color-coded indicator for ThinkOrSwim. It provides an easy way to find value area zones and it is much easier to read and understand than the Volume Profile Study.

The indicator came about after realizing that I kept constantly studying Fibonacci retracements and drawing Fibonacci extensions and trying to understand their relationship to the average true range of price. This was something I did every day and realized that I needed to come up with a study that did this for me with ease. The integration of the Fibonacci analysis and the proper ATR relationship created the SwingArm.

I found the study so valuable that I felt it was important to share it with anyone interested in learning about price action. Instead of attempting to sell the study as many told me to do, I found a group of passionate traders and shared it with them. I invested a significant amount of time teaching them how to use it and published several videos about it on my youtube channel.

The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System provides a clear trading plan to implement greatly improving the chances of success. This does not mean that it is easy, it does require patience, commitment, and effort.

As of February 7, 2021, the SwingArm is available for ThinkOrSwim is a Single and Multi Timeframe Study. Thanks to a few passionate programmers and their support, it has been also converted to Trading View, Ninja Trader, and Tradovate.

As you learn to trade and either pick someone’s style or develop your own, document your process.
Keep a journal and take notes daily. Review constantly and improve to avoid mistakes made in the past.
FYI (easier said than done)

The goals of the blackFLAG Futures Trading System are pretty clear. To provide a path forward to anyone looking to trade for a living. Especially those with the interest in providing a better life for their families but most importantly to share the knowledge with others and provide them the same opportunity to succeed while Paying It Forward.


How Trading With blackFLAG© FTS can have a positive impact!

Easily see setups and possible opportunities including:

The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System

assists the trader with charts, trends, possible trading scenarios, advanced notice of possible moves, expected entries, trade management, and take profit targets to be considered.

Trading the Markets

Trading the futures market can be difficult, costly, and even painful. Poor trading can cause sickness, divorce, loss of friendships, and even more.  The blackFLAG© Futures Trading System is here to make trading life easier and profitable. 

ES -- / CL -- / GC

  • Bearish Swing Arm
  • Sell Alerts
  • BlackFLAG Confirmation

ES -- / CL -- / GC

  • Bullysh Swing Arm
  • Buy Alerts
  • BlackFLAG Confirmation